Welcome to the reboot of Urth’s Legacy RPG!

This is the Wikipedia and resource for the new game, now simplified to Legacy Roleplaying. This is being used as a building board for the designers of the new build of Legacy to post and revise mechanics of the games systems and features. These rules, revisions and additions will all be on display for the interested future player and all feedback is welcome!

Non-designers are welcome to leave feedback on the forums tab above. We monitor the forums constantly for ideas, questions and information from our future players. You can also feel free to create a character for the game to be added into our character list above. If you are an old player from the original ULRPG we encourage you to create a character bio for your previous character. We will be using a lot of this information for in game history purposes, and the more information we have, the better.

Direct any and all questions to the Forums section for fastest response.

Thank you!
Design Team.

A Preview of Things to Come!

ULRPG is proud to announce the first of many features the game will offer! As we are a text based RPG, we are well aware of the different styles and preferences that come about when involving ones self in Text-Based Role-Play. You see, here in ULRPG, we believe that everyone should feel comfortable in their own style of role-play. Granted, with each new platform for Role-Play, there are differences, slight nuances, etc etc. This will be a rough break-down of how things will work.

You see, Role-Play is the primary focus here at ULRPG. The Plots, Adventures, Quests, Combat, Sparring, and everything else involved are all created with the main emphasis being on the Role Play itself. We here at ULRPG understand that Role-Play to some is all about creating a base, interacting with other characters, and not only using them to further your own Story Line, but also helping to progress theirs.

To others, Role Play is an adventure. Filled with fighting, quests, adventures, and tests of might and skill of all types. And to a hefty few, combat is a primary focus. Growing stronger, learning new abilities, becoming powerful.

These are all things that we’ve taken into consideration while recreating this fabulous legacy. Here at ULRPG, we will allot for all types of players. The GM’s are constantly working to help players along, and even create new exciting situations and stories for those who wish to get involved.

What will be offered:

*Character Development:
At ULRPG, we are aware of the time, energy, and effort it takes to build a character to the desired end. The Game Masters (GM’s) are at your disposal! We will be accepting requests and submissions from all players who desire a bit of extra help in pushing their character along their story lines. Now, if you don’t want/need our help, we obviously will not force anything, but are here at your disposal should you need us.

The Game Masters will also be accepting submissions for Quest/Adventure ideas, and once a month will choose one of said ideas, and appoint a Quest Master (QM) to host, and run the quest. For all Quests and Adventures (unless stated prior to said Quest) all those involved will receive extra XP, Gold, and Items at the conclusion of the adventures based on involvement, role-play, and overall performance. More on this to come…

This one is rather simple. For those seeking power, sparring is one of the best ways for your character to gain experience. Just like there will be rooms solely for role-play, there will also be rooms designated to Sparring, Combat, and Physical Challenge Tournaments. Special announcements will be made as to any events or tournaments under way, and any who choose may enter. But sparring itself will always be allowed to any who seek it. And don’t worry about your Health Points (HP) because our program will include a spar bot that resets your HP to full at the conclusion of each spar. Sparring will offer a slightly elevated amount of XP gain over standard role-play, and since that is the case, once in a spar…Anything goes!

Currently, we are working on creating an in-game private messaging system, or IM, as well as in-game email. This way, players can chat privately with one another, without airing private matters in the OOC section of the rooms, or in the main lobby. Also, the in-game email system will provide further privacy, as well as granting the GMs access to those chosen as designated Quest Master for that month’s adventure.

*Item Shops, Smithing, Enchanting, and Crafting:

ULRPG will be offering players the opportunity to purchase weapons, armor, and things of the like in an automated shop. For the players who can’t find anything they like, or have a bit of extra gold, there will be areas for Smithing, Enchanting, and Crafting as well, allowing players full customization (within reason) over the items they desire for their characters.

As you can tell, we are working hard on some fantastic ideas! Again, these are but a few of the features we will be offering, and of course, we’re always taking suggestions and ideas from any and all who wish to submit! Until the next update, happy gaming, and we hope to hear your ideas!

Legacy Roleplaying Build